DARTS NEWS: Svishchev and a stadium for the Russian national curling teams

A stadium for the Russian national curling teams will open in St. Petersburg on September 9

MOSCOW, September 4 – RIA Novosti, Elena Dyachkova. The stadium in St. Petersburg, which will become the base for the Russian national curling teams, will open on September 9, President of the Russian Curling Federation (FCR) Dmitry Svishchev told RIA Novosti.
The opening of the stadium was supposed to take place within the framework of the Congress of the World Curling Federation (WCF), but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be held online. St. Petersburg will host the congress in September 2021.

“It’s great that at a time when we no longer use the stadium in Sochi, since it has been redesigned, and the arenas in Moscow and Vladivostok have not yet been built, St. Petersburg and its leader supported our federation by transferring a new facility to us for curling. Next week, the stadium will receive athletes. The ice is ready, the best icemakers of Russia have worked on it. The stadium will have six playing tracks. We hope that soon we will hold the first Russian and international competitions in this arena, “added the head of the FCR.
Svishchev: the arena in St. Petersburg can host any curling competition
S.-PETERSBURG, September 9 – RIA Novosti, Sergey Yaremenko. The curling arena that opened in St. Petersburg on Wednesday will be able to host competitions of any level, said Dmitry Svishchev, President of the Russian Curling Federation (RFC).
Earlier, Svishchev told RIA Novosti that the arena in St. Petersburg will become the base for the Russian national curling teams. The opening of the stadium was supposed to take place within the framework of the Congress of the World Curling Federation (WCF), but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be held in St. Petersburg in September 2021.
“Moscow does not have such a wonderful center. There was a curling complex in Sochi, which was being built for the Olympics, but it is now under reconstruction. The only center in Russia of an international level has now opened in St. Petersburg. Such a complex could only be dreamed of. that thanks to this facility we will see representatives of the city on the podiums of the World Championships and the Olympic Games. We can host competitions of any level here. Six tracks allow us to hold large tournaments, “Svishchev told reporters.


Curling: how the Scots keep their GB team’s medal hopes on ice

Jenny Jones’ bronze medal in women’s snowboard skiing sparked excitement in the UK for Sochi games after much controversy over costs and concerns over human rights and security in Russia. Jones’ success was Britain’s first snow medal. Ice is the traditional winning field with our last two gold medals coming from skeleton in 2006 and curling in 2002.

Curling continues to be an important component of Britain’s medal hopes. Both men’s and women’s curling teams are heavyweight candidates for a spot on the podium of glory. After investing £ 14 million, more than twice as much spent preparing for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Liz Nicholl, chief executive of British Sports, said: “ If we get to those three is of great significance. The official goal is three to seven medals. But curling represents more than British medal hopes, it has an important function in society – something worth remembering in the politics surrounding games.
Political sports
All major sporting events deliver the same political message they have from Vancouver to Sochi, South Africa to Brazil where the FIFA World Cup will take place this summer. On Friday, David Cameron and Alex Salmond debated the politics of London 2012 and the upcoming 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Speaking from Olympic Park, Cameron made Team GB’s plea to keep the red, white and blue colors together.



1. Kevin Martin (Alberta)

Kevin Martin gained many important titles as a professional curling player such as Four Briers, One World Championship, One Olympic Gold Medal or 18 Grand Slams. He is well-known to feature the incredible run of wins on numerous provincial, national and international stages. In regarding of these precious trophies, Kevin Martin is appraised to be the greatest Canada male curler.  

The endless list of championship and titles that Martin has gained started with the win during his trip to the Tim Hortons Brier in 1991. He continued to gain more 3 titles in this tournament, including the back-to-back wins in 2008 and 2009.

In addition, he is also the final winner of the world curling championship in 2008, however, the most important and worth-reminding trophy of Kevin Martin must be his championship in the 2010 world curling, which successfully draw his team to the top step of the Olympic stage, which after then, won with a perfect record at the Winter Games in Vancouver.

Martin has created and executed a lot of great things throughout his curling career, including being the leader to propel the creation of the Grand Slam series as well as operating many development camps to support the growth of curling.

2. Glenn Howard (Ontario)

Glenn Howard is an impressive professional curler who has gained Four Briers, Four World Championships and 16 Grand Slams.

Apart from that, he is well-known to be the curlers who has taken part in most of Brier games in the world, which are 218 games in total. During these 218 games, he won the title 4 times and has become the first runner up a remarkable 7 times. 

During the total 4 trips to participate in the world championship, Glenn’s never slipped the chance of coming out on top.

Howard has won 16 Grand Slam titles and kept the record of being the ontario men’s titles with 17.



“We are at the peak of curling” was the statement that was made by Curler Sask who was recently displaced. According to REGINA, just during the period of 1 month, they had to say goodbye to 2 most talented and strongest players and recruited 2 more new curlers for the nowadays formation. 

In the first movement, Alberta’s Kevin Koe has let go Colton Flasch and instead, recruited John Morris, who used to earn the Olympic Gold Medal 2 times.

Being announced to be “fired off” by the close former teammate Ben Hebert, Flash revealed that he was close to be speechless: “A little overwhelmed, and just… shocked.”

Not long time after this shocking event, Catlin Schneider also had to come up with the same situation when he suffered from the expulsion. Even though Catlin Schneider, less than 1 month ago, has made a trophy for Team Matt Dunstone when he played an important role in helping the whole team reach the third place at the Brier, Team Matt Dunstone still kept the decision to carry out this second let go.

Schneider revealed his thought: “Frustration, anger, disappointment, you know the ‘why’ question, the sadness it’s hard to know what to think.” 

Before being officially released, former curler Schneider sent Flash a text with the viewing to confiding in and sharing about the announcement of his release from Team Koe. However, this conversation later turned into a teaming up discussion when both of them were out of curling job.

Schneider said: “The club had asked me, ‘you guys are staying together obviously? You guys had a pretty decent year, and then I thought we were,”. “However, it had been shocking news when a few days later, they said that they would be talking about forming a new team together.”

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Curling considers new rules to speed up the sport

The video games are too lengthy, scaring away younger fanatics with ever-diminishing attention spans. there is too much status round among spurts of pastime.

And the unpredictable duration makes it tough for tv networks to devise for a predictable broadcast window.

Not baseball. no longer soccer.


A 500-12 months-vintage sport that pairs chess-like method with livid sweeping and shouts of “Hurry hard,” curling is considering radical rule adjustments because it attempts to stability centuries of subculture with the current need to transport matters alongside. a few of the proposals: setting players on a more traumatic clock, or shortening games from 10 ends to 8.

“We’re now not the simplest game that’s going via it, for sure,” stated Nolan Thiessen, a 2010 global champion who is a member of the world Curling Federation Athlete fee.
This idea that absolutely everyone may want to pick up a broom, could choose up a piece of granite, and be excellent at it,” CBC curling reporter Devin Heroux stated. “The face of curling has changed.”

And its caretakers are questioning if the game should, as nicely.

At its annual assembly last yr, the sector Curling Federation mentioned the way to make video games shorter. The worldwide governing frame has been accumulating information and comments from the athletes, and the intention is to provide you with a plan that might be used after the Beijing Olympics in 2022.

The most noticeable reform would be shortening all competitions to 8 ends.

A conventional suit includes 10 ends — like innings in baseball. Many lesser competitions already remaining handiest 8 rounds, the manner Grand Slam men’s tennis tournaments contain 5 units while others have long past to 3.

In a ten-stop in shape, there are a complete of 160 stones thrown. but the early frames are frequently a sense out process where the groups get used to the ice, the rocks and each different.

Some other inspiration is cease-timing, in which teams have a hard and fast quantity to strategize for each spherical as opposed to a complete for the whole healthy. Curling Canada spokesman Al Cameron stated a take a look at of the system at certainly one of its activities remaining year shortened games by way of five-10 minutes.

Some welcome the smash from the grind of tournaments; on the Olympics, for instance, a roller can spend extra time in opposition than every other athlete. those who oppose the change say 10 ends is a test that reduces the hazard of a fluke outcome.


Beautiful Curling Athlete at 2018 Winter Olympics

Russian female athlete Anastasia Bryzgalova drew attention at the 2018 Winter Olympics because of her beauty resembling actress Angelina Jolie.

Anastasia Bryzgalova, a 25-year-old curling athlete, drew attention at the 2018 Winter Olympics because of her beauty resembling beautiful actresses like Adriana Lima, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie. Anastasia Bryzgalova was married to teammate Alexander Krushelnitskiy in June last year. That couple then enjoyed their honeymoon in Spain.

Bryzgalova and her husband won the championship at the Mixed Doubles Curling World Championship in Karlstad (Sweden) in 2016. Anastasia came to this sport in 2009.

Russia is not allowed to participate in the Winter Olympics after being caught in a doping scandal. However, Anastasia Bryzgalova and 167 other Russian athletes who were proved to be clean came to the 2018 Winter Olympics as the Olympic athlete from Russia (OAR). They wear uniforms with the OAR logo on, and if they win a medal, the Olympic soundtrack will be played instead of the Russian national anthem.

Mixed curling is one of the latest competitions to be present at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The competition kicked off last Thursday. Anastasia and Alexander have been defeated by Becca and Matt Hamilton’s sisters from the American sports team.

In addition to talent, her beauty at the Winter Olympics had also become a hot topic on Twitter. With an attractive face, the Russian female athlete had more fans even though not everyone understands about curling.

Many netizens compared her to the famous Hollywood actresses Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. Some netizens also said that they were suddenly interested in curling thanks to Bryzgalova’s attractive appearance. However, only regret that in the competition, the couple Krushelnitsky and Bryzgalova missed the opportunity to be present in the Olympic finals after defending world champions pair Jenny Perret and Martin Rios of Switzerland defeated 7- 5 in the semi-finals tense. However, they were comforted after defeating the Norwegian pair 8-4 in the bronze battle to win the first Russian medal in curling content.