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Curling: how the Scots keep their GB team’s medal hopes on ice (part 03)

Forged relationships of friendships and communities are often more important than economic returns. These bonds undergo generations because expertise and knowledge are passed from generation to generation or community to community.

As Daniel Tarschys, former secretary-general of the Council of Europe, pointed out: The Hidden Faces of sport are tens of thousands of enthusiasts find in sport an areato satisfy and exchange. community life or the perfect school to create democracy. This was probably something that only realized when small skating rinks were threatened to shut in favor of larger city-based commercial rinks.Curling’s pedigree in Scotland precedes the date of the primary Winter Olympic Games. referred to as Ro Roarin’s Game for the sound of the stones making on ice, the source of the curvature is debated but it’sone amonga minimum of four sports that Scotland features a cultural right to fight. Stirling’s Smith Museum and gallery claims to possess the world’s oldest curling stone, dating back to 1511.At just one occasion, hairdressing was the foremost popular sport in Scotland – more popular than soccer. The Caledonia Royal Curling Club, granted charter in 1843, has grown from 28 affiliated clubs and 893 members in 1838 to 465 affiliated clubs and quite 18,000 members by year. 1888. Today there are still quite 150 hairdressing clubs in Scotland.Next »

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Curling: how the Scots keep their GB team’s medal hopes on ice (part 02)

Politics shouldn’t overwhelm other stories about how sport works for society. Likewise, a narrow focus on economic costs and profitability of sport is unfortunate – because stories about how sport can make a difference to communities are sometimes lost. With about 30% of the GB team in Sochi being Scottish, there’s a smaller but meaningful story to tell about Scotland’s curls and its place in society.

The Scottish Curler has played a key role in Team GB over the years, which makes the sport unique – and they have disproportionately contributed to our Winter Olympic gold medal. Whereas in an era where legacies from major sporting events are contested, the softer legacies from sports such as hairdressing are not insignificant.
Both the men’s and women’s hair curlers competing in Sochi were Scottish. The 2014 chef at Sochi, who was awarded to Team GB is Mike Hay, a former medal-winning teacher who served as coach for the GB women’s curling team, won by Rhona Martin (a Scot). 2002 gold in Salt Lake City – first gold for Team GB since Torvil and Dean’s victory over Sarajevo in 1984.

Scottish roarin game
The importance of the past and the present to Scotland should not be underestimated. In an era when the legacies associated with major sporting events are often questioned, curling’s legacy is a hub of activity for northern and southern communities, both male and female, rural and urban market.


Curling: how the Scots keep their GB team’s medal hopes on ice

Jenny Jones’ bronze medal in women’s snowboard skiing sparked excitement in the UK for Sochi games after much controversy over costs and concerns over human rights and security in Russia. Jones’ success was Britain’s first snow medal. Ice is the traditional winning field with our last two gold medals coming from skeleton in 2006 and curling in 2002.

Curling continues to be an important component of Britain’s medal hopes. Both men’s and women’s curling teams are heavyweight candidates for a spot on the podium of glory. After investing £ 14 million, more than twice as much spent preparing for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Liz Nicholl, chief executive of British Sports, said: “ If we get to those three is of great significance. The official goal is three to seven medals. But curling represents more than British medal hopes, it has an important function in society – something worth remembering in the politics surrounding games.
Political sports
All major sporting events deliver the same political message they have from Vancouver to Sochi, South Africa to Brazil where the FIFA World Cup will take place this summer. On Friday, David Cameron and Alex Salmond debated the politics of London 2012 and the upcoming 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Speaking from Olympic Park, Cameron made Team GB’s plea to keep the red, white and blue colors together.


Robot of curling turned the curling play into an easy game like pro

During those days of technology, robots are showing their advantages to greatly aid people in many activities and sports is additionally of no exception. they need always been thriving and execute tasks aurately when being assigned special ones. In many developing sports, like curling which only contains a special task, Korean researchers have sucessfully created a robot which may execute throwing stone as skillfully as curling players. they’re appraised to be qualified enough to require part in some national championships. If you’re the newbie in curling or someone haven’t touched the curling ball, then just consider this game to be the ice bocce game with none really complicated rules.

Therefore, it’s really blast of fun to play it. Are you wondering what does actually curling robot do? But you’ll not know then that the principal action within the game may be a simple but subtle one among gauging the facility and angle (and spin, if you’re good) with which to slipan important kettle-shaped stone so asto urge it near the middle of a target, knock an opponent’s stone out of the way, or nudge another of your own into position. The robot got the name as “Curly”. The group of researchers from Korea University. in Seoul and therefore the Berlin Institute of Technology, explained Curly as a special thanks to test “the real interaction between an AI system and a highly nonstationary real-world scenario.” to mention it in other words: A robot which will observe what are happening within theworld and act accordingly within the most precise and strategic manner. Curly isn’ta private robot but actually a gaggle of two robots. the primary one has the mission of observing the position of the stones during the play and scoring end while the second execute the particular throwing. it’s obvious that there’ll be no robot which sweeps the ice ahead of the moving stone or yells t but no doubo cheer other up. However, these seems to be forthcoming. The robots’ AI has been trained during an extended period on computerized games, during which all of the small print of a curling championship are physically simulated.

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Cancelled and postponed curling tournaments will quickly do the return

Some brand new guidelines for Return to Curling has recently been released by the Curl BC. According to this recent published annoucement, there have been some changes being made on a modified game at the centre of the previous plans.

The Phase 3 version of the guidelines which is known as “Progressively Loosen” being released a few days ago, has shown some particular changes. The tournament will allow four players to play in each round, however, there will be a twist with only one sweeper per shot and all players need to be strict to some physically distanced plays.

These new regulations will pave the way for Curl BC to sucessfully facilitate curling being moved from Group B into Group A to be strict to some essential guidelines known as viaSports. Every provincial sport organizations have been appointed to stay adhered to these guidelines with the viewing to doing a quick return to the play. Despite the fact that it is too early to adhere regional and provincial events, being in Group A will defenitely help Curl BC to quickly resume all the competing activities as previous.

Recently, Curl BC and Curling Canada have both introduce their special ice layouts which totally stay strict to physical distancing regulations – all finished with in-ice markers in order to help people identify their in-play positions.  If your curiousity has been awaken, let’s visit the Documents and Forms for Covid-19 Page to get more detailed information of a modified curling play.

During this sensitive period of time, Curl BC is recommending that clubs should avoid hosting large-scaled events which attract a large number of participants within the first month of reopening. After the safe reopening of these clubs and effective procedures, Curl BC will continue their work to bring back regional events as soon as possible.

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Curling made its way back to Langley

Plans in viewing to resuming all the curling activities are made to quickly kick-off the play happening at the start of October. All of those activities are strict to all or any precautions to guard players from dangerous Covid-19. Robyn Parkes who is now the middle manager of Langley Curling Centre shared his expectation to quickly begin all the curling tournaments by the primary week of October. “As far as we all know,” Parkes said nothing appeared to make certain immediately during an interview with the Langley Advance Times. He shared that The Township [of Langley] has confirmed that they were on the way of opening a replacement building at George Preston Recreation Centre.” Parkes said that their plan was to line up all necessary stuff for 10 weeks until Christmas comes before re-assessing. In the upcoming future, for resuming the play, a replacement contract will be got to be signed off by the Langley Curling Centre in terms of a return-to-play plan submitted by the curling club, which makes a variety of changes to take care of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like all of the opposite sports tournaments, the plan is going to be strictly within the number of players playing on the rink and every one of the spectators spectating the plays. On the very first times when all of those public tournaments began, they will suffer from many difficulties and therefore the game itself will be in a different version. Parkes said, with just one sweeper allowed at a time, and players expected to stay their distance. “There’s no sitting around having coffee afterward,” Parkes said that there would be neither any wandering around after the plays nor having coffee because it won’t be like that. According to the www.langleycurlingclub website, all curlers are going to be asked to finish a typical COVID-19 waiver for registration.

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Beautiful female curling player Victoria Wright returned to work as a nurse to combat Covid-19 epidemic

Victoria Wright who is the winner of the European gold medal in ice marbles ( which is also known as curling ) has returned to her nursing career to contribute herself to stop the widespread of Covid-19.
The 26-year-old Scottish beauty Victoria Wright has returned to her medical career as an operating room nurse at Forth Valley Larbert Hospital in Scotland after the 2020 Worldwide Curling Championship in Canada. The 2020 Worldwide Curling Championship was canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
“As a nurse, I have a good outlook on life and pay more focus on several essentially important things is to save lives. We can see how quickly things are changing as the epidemic breaks out and I know there are bigger priorities at the moment over sports. So I had to postpone training to get back to my job, ”said Victoria Wright.
Wright took a break from her job – nursing last year to pursue her ambitious dream of winning medals in the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022. She is an important member of the Scottish ice marbles team, which is considered a heavy candidate. sign for the gold medal of the 2022 Winter Olympics.
“This is a special period of time to create a difference in the most different way. I am contributing to a much larger team with more meaningful actions.” Wright shared her viewpoint.
Wright is a well-trained nurse who has just transitioned to the sporting career since July 2019. Besides training and competition, she still works at the hospital 1 shift per week.
“We all see that there are things which should be put more priority more than sport,” said Wright.

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Canada Cup curling event in Fredericton was called off because of COVID-19

Mixed, club events cancelled; Curling Canada to assess status of those post-Christmas.

The 2020 Home Hardware Canada Cup curling competition has been postponed without any present fixed schedule to come back because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, the Canada Cup was set up to take place from the 24th to 29th of November in Fredericton.

Curling Canada shared its statement in the recent Tuesday that they are attemping to restart the Canada Cup in the new year. If this plan turns out to be true, this tourtanment could hel perfectly determine playing teams for the 2021 Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings Olympic qualifying tournament.

Apart from the decision to postpone the Canada Cup, Curling Canada organizators also announced the cancellations of other 2 tournaments which are the Canadian Mixed Curling Championship, scheduled for Nov. 7-15 in Canmore, Alta., and the Everest Canadian Curling Club Championships, scheduled for Nov. 22-28 in Ottawa.

Curling Canada also shared that the status of the post-Christmas events in the 2020-21 season might be taken under assessment.

“We all know the reality of our situation, and it goes beyond sports,” Katherine Henderson who is the chief executive officer of Curling Canada, said in a statement. “Our primary goal and responsibility, always, is to keep athletes and volunteers safe and it was determined that without any kind of clarity about what the situation will look like in the late fall when these events were scheduled, we couldn’t responsibly go further in the planning process.”

Curling Canada also confirmed Jean-Sébastien Roy’s Quebec rink, which would have represented Canada at the recently cancelled world mixed curling championship, will maintain its status as Team Canada for the 2021 event.

Previously, Canada curling organizors had brought out different disciplines as well as guidelines to bring back different tournaments during the COVID-19 pandemic include changes to sweeping rules, on-ice player positioning and pre-game handshakes for players planning to participate in the 2020-21 season.


World Curling Federation decided to cancel the 2020 World Mixed Curling Championship

The World Curling Federation has recently decided to cancel the 2020 World Mixed Curling Championship in Aberdeen, Scotland due to the bad effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event had been previously scheduled to take place at Curl Aberdeen from the 1st to 7th of October as the first tournament being held within the three-year hosting partnership. The federation said this partnership had now been reduced to a two-year agreement which is only available for the events taking place during the period from 2021 to 2022.

World Curling president Kate Caithness announced recently: “It’s with regret that we are announcing it is no longer possible to run the World Mixed Curling Championship 2020.

“Unfortunately, with the continuing spread of the virus and the restrictions it has placed on international travel, safely bringing athletes and staff to the championship is simply not feasible at this time.”

Tom Brewster who is the manager of Curl Aberdeen and 2014 Olympic silver medallist, added: “We are disappointed that we are unable to welcome the curling family to Aberdeen in 2020. With quarantine restrictions still in place, it is simply too early in the curling season for us to host the championship. Instead, we now look forward to welcoming everyone to Curl Aberdeen for the World Mixed Curling Championship 2021.”

The federation said that the organizers will try their best to follow all the strict restrictions to keep the safety of all people involved and will make further announcements about the schedule of the upcoming championships as soon as possible.

Curling is now no longer an unfamiliar sport in Scotland and many other nations, which has been played in this country as far back as the sixteenth century. The WCF’s headquarters is located in Perth, Scotland.

In other news, the federation recently agreed on a two-year extension to its contract with, the digital arm of media and marketing partner the Infront agency, with the viewing to enhancing its output in China ahead of the 2022 winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The WCF first joined forces with in August 2019 as it launched its first social media channel on Chinese platform Sina Weibo.

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Curling world optimistically looks ahead to next season despite numerous challenges caused by pandemic

Despite the pandemic is gradually getting more and more predictable, curling organizers still remain optimistic to make preparations for the next seasons.

Before the whole world has been affected by the dangerous Covid-19, the last great Canadian sporting hurrah was one of the strongest editions of the Tim Hortons Brier.

Curling fans would quickly pack Kingston’s Leon’s Centre to enjoy games and then crowd largely in the “The Patch” party tent across the road afterward. Therefore, the festivities often last long until midnight.

It’s one of many special traditions of the Roaring Game which might become inexistent or at least undergo changes after the frozen period of curling world.

Curlers will not allow executing their pre-game handshakes and empty stands will become a possible fact happening at top events. International team participation could be something premium at Canadian tour stops.

However, these are all predictions as during this period, nothing about the incoming curling tournaments and plays is confirmed to be ensured.

Bonspiel organizer Gerry Geurts, who operates the CurlingZone website that manages world rankings and team point systems, said that the uncertainty about the next curling season definitely provokes such a significant challenge.

“It’s going to be a hit for the [curling] clubs and the events,” Geurts revealed his opinion during an interview taking place in London, Ont. “However the teams have to have the expectation that they’re going to take a bit of a hit at the same time too.”

The current off-season essentially has been activated in mid-March after the cancellation of the women’s world championship. Normally play would be executed again in late summer, however, autumn curling plays will still remain a puzzle to most people at the moment.

COVID-19 developments are forcing the sports world to take a cautious approach to the potential return of competition.

Team sponsorship difficulties

Curling has some certain challenges to overcome when it’s set to come back. Sponsorship concerns, travel restrictions, and event feasibility are some top concerns that the whole curling world has to deal with

“Some of those small- and medium-sized businesses that support local teams are going to have a harder time doing it,” reigning Brier champ Brad Gushue said.