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Svetlana Zhurova: “If we now perform an investigation of Sochi-2014, some WADA employees can also fall into it”

Speed ​​skating Olympic champion Turin 2006 Svetlana Zhurova shared her opinion on the choice of the Court of Arbitration for Sport ( CAS ) to suspend Russia from major international competitions for two years.

“Nobody forbade athletes to compete, this is oftenthe foremost important thing. it’s clear that the fans won’t be satisfied with the neutral status, but here they made certain concessions that they made to us: the uniform are going to bewithin the colors of the ensignthere’ll be the word “Russia”.Although this is often some quite absurdity. It looks like a neutral status, the anthem isn’t played, but the athlete will substitute the uniform of the Russian national team, and therefore the fans will sing the Russian anthem within the stands within the stands. and that they will shout this neutral anthem.And I am sure that this neutral anthem are going to be played repeatedly in competitions. and therefore the absurdity of thingsare going to be absolutely visible to everyone. I even admit that each one these sanctions are going to be lifted early, maybe even earlier they’re going to be allowed to perform during a normal status, ”Zhurova said.“I have a guess that the act of Rodchenkov, a law gone by the Trump administration, played a task here. Rodchenkov’s act didn’t say whether there was a statute of limitations. If we now perform an investigation into the Sochi Olympics, it’s possible that some WADA employees can alsofall into it. And there’sa jail, and 1,000,000 dollars in fines. they’re going to say: “How did the Russians turn this whole story alone?” What if they need to conduct a broader investigation and begintrying to find some WADA employees.And they may are told, let’s take a choice on Russia, it’s enough for them to forgive everything. and perhaps they were intimidated. I admit that the very fact that the act appeared a couple of weeks before this decision isn’t an accident, ”added the ex-skater.- Our officials are surprised that each one of them, starting with Putin, were faraway from the competition. How does one personally perceive this sanction?- I perceive it from the Sochi Olympics. i have been on the lists since 2014. i’m not allowed anywhere, i’m not allowed to travel abroad. the sole time i used to be allowed in was to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the International Skating Union at the Olympic Museum. They let me in there individually.I react calmly to the present. For the Sochi Olympics, i used to be included during this list: I covered it too brightly, dispelled many myths ahead of my colleagues, being the mayor of the Olympic Village. I deserve, apparently, to get on this list. Therefore, for me, nothing changes here, I don’t go anyway, ”Zhurova said.Next