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Attractive winter Olympic subject with all beautiful people but little attention

As you all know, the Winter Olympics has kicked in. Promising and outstanding sports with many exciting matches including ice skating, skiing …

There is a sport that is not very popular in Asia, but this is a large-scale sports event expected by the world. As for Japan, the country’s strength is skating, and there are also many notable items from other disciplines. In today’s Olympics, this winter season there will be a competition in curling. The curling dumbbell called a stone is a round, colored stone that weighs about 20 kg, with a handle on the face so that players can lift and throw dumbbells on ice.

The two teams take turns full of dumbbells towards the center of the circle, at the end of the game, only dumbbells located in the area near the center of the circle are counted. The goal of the team is to push their dumbbells so that they are near the center of the circle, or knock the opponent’s weights out of the scoring circle. While it doesn’t get as much attention as ice skating or snowboarding, one thing is that curling athletes are eye-catching.

Here are examples of the girls from the Japanese team:
The girls look young and energetic. Not only the Japanese team, but the international team also looks cute.