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Cancelled and postponed curling tournaments will quickly do the return

Some brand new guidelines for Return to Curling has recently been released by the Curl BC. According to this recent published annoucement, there have been some changes being made on a modified game at the centre of the previous plans.

The Phase 3 version of the guidelines which is known as “Progressively Loosen” being released a few days ago, has shown some particular changes. The tournament will allow four players to play in each round, however, there will be a twist with only one sweeper per shot and all players need to be strict to some physically distanced plays.

These new regulations will pave the way for Curl BC to sucessfully facilitate curling being moved from Group B into Group A to be strict to some essential guidelines known as viaSports. Every provincial sport organizations have been appointed to stay adhered to these guidelines with the viewing to doing a quick return to the play. Despite the fact that it is too early to adhere regional and provincial events, being in Group A will defenitely help Curl BC to quickly resume all the competing activities as previous.

Recently, Curl BC and Curling Canada have both introduce their special ice layouts which totally stay strict to physical distancing regulations – all finished with in-ice markers in order to help people identify their in-play positions.  If your curiousity has been awaken, let’s visit the Documents and Forms for Covid-19 Page to get more detailed information of a modified curling play.

During this sensitive period of time, Curl BC is recommending that clubs should avoid hosting large-scaled events which attract a large number of participants within the first month of reopening. After the safe reopening of these clubs and effective procedures, Curl BC will continue their work to bring back regional events as soon as possible.